Welcome to the Butlerville Athletic Association!

Teams are currently being formed and given to coaches.  Practice locations and times will be given to them as well.  You will be contacted by your coach and given the info by months end.  Thank you. 

Due to all of the changes we have made, we feel we should address a couple big ticket items so there is no confusion or misinformation being passed around.

1 - name change.  We are not necessarily changing our name from Butlerville Athletic Association.  With us joining a new league we decided to include our local school name so as to give our opponents more of an idea of where/who we are.  The athletes we will face could be in the SWOC schools, which we will face when playing junior high and high school ball.  Incorporating Little Miami Elite into our name gives them an idea of who we are.  If you play other sports through the school there is a good chance you will play those kids in basketball as well now.

2 - CPYBL vs. CAYBL.  While we enjoyed many, many years with CAYBL and will always be grateful for their help, time, and professionalism, we are looking to the future.  The people behind CAYBL have always been great to work with and we have the utmost respect for them, but we think our program will benefit by this move.
        - CAYBL has 16 communities involved.  CPYBL has 55.  What this means for our teams?  More teams to play.  
        - CPYBL refs are ALL high school certified refs. One of our biggest complaints the past few years are the referees.  While there will always be some complaints and grumbling, we feel this will help alleviate some of that.
        - 5 levels of play vs. 3.  CPYBL has 5 levels of play to help accommodate ALL players. From players who play just for fun and do it in their downtime from baseball or football in the Rec league to the players who have the skill to play at the uppermost Athletic level, all kids are welcome.  Having more divisions will help ensure each kid is playing where they are comfortable and where they fit the best.  Also, CPYBL is big enough that teams are not "subcontracted" out - remember, 55 communities are involved.  
       - Our school is in the SWOC (Southwest Ohio Conference).  The teams our schools play may also be in the SWOC.  It makes sense for our athletes to play against these schools now. 

BAA basketball has been around for 40+ years.  When our district went through the financial crisis and other programs folded we did not.  We worked hard to find locations for practices and games, fought through the tough times felt with the ripple effect that our community went through.  Decisions we make are not always simple, and we don't make them lightly.  All decisions are made after lengthy discussions and lots of research.  We have always been here to serve the kids of our community, and we plan on doing so for many years to come.  

We hope this clears up any misinformation you have been given.  We understand that people will talk, so if you ever have any questions or need information, let us know! 

~ Butlerville Athletic Association/Little Miami Elite


2016-2017 Basketball starts now!!!

Sign ups:  Online starting Monday, Sept 12 at  littlemiamielite.com
Face to face:  Sept 15 and Oct 6 at the Intermediate school from 6-830
Athletic team tryouts:  Sept 28 and Sept 30 from 6-9 at the Intermediate School.  Athletic teams are open for grades 4-6 for both boys and girls.  4th grade will be 6-7, 5th grade will be 630-8, 6th grade will be 730-9
If you want to play 4th through 6th grade but choose to do so under rec and not athletic, you do not need to come to tryouts.  You also do not need to register for tryouts, just show up!  


If a coach has a team and wants to play, please contact Kevin 513 404-5254, Troy 513 237-9668, or Mike 513 207-1384


The BAA 2015-2016 basketball banquet has been set for March 19th, 2016 at the Harlan Township Fire Department at 3:00pm. 

Teams 2nd-6th grade are to bring a side dish to share

Teams 7-Varsity are to bring desserts

All teams are to bring their own drinks

Thanks to all that participated!

Check the updated schedule here : Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament 

The BAA held it's 1st Charity/Give Back day in the form of scrimmages on Sunday, Nov 29.  Not only did we manage to collect a TON of food for some of the local food pantries, we also were able to raise a great amount of money to help both Panther Backpack as well as a family who we feel could use a helping hand this Christmas.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped out, and who helped us support our community!!! 

    Our 6th grade boys team coached by Bill Smith participated in the Blanchester Tip Off Classic this past weekend (Nov 28-29).  Well....these boys won!!!  Big shout out to the team and the coaches for this AMAZING start to the season!!! 

Ohio's Return-to-Play Law - concussion information
      • Applies to interscholastic sports and all youth sports organizations.
      • Requires coaches, assistants, referees, and officials to complete a free online training program in recognizing concussion symptoms every three years. 
      • Requires a coach or referee to remove a player from competition (or practice) if they show signs/symptoms of a concussion.
      • Athletes shall not return to play/practice on the same day they are removed.                              
      • Prohibits athletes from returning to lay/practice until they have been cleared by a doctor or other licensed health care provider in writing.
      • Requires programs to provide parents a concussion information sheet from the Ohio Department of Health. (BAA coaches will provide this info sheet to parents. You may also download the sheet below.)
      • Please click the following link to register and complete the required concussion training course: http://www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=38000 

                        ***Background Checks
      • Background check forms are to be completed and returned to a BAA officer prior to the start of each sporting season (blank form attached below)
      • Background checks must be completed by all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Mom/Dad, those persons that help with practices, and anyone interested in volunteering in the concession stand or with any area of the BAA
      • Background checks are free of charge to you, and it will help all of us ensure the safety of our children!!!           


Here are a few of our champs from this weekend!!

Brandy Stouder,
May 4, 2015, 6:40 AM
Brandy Stouder,
Oct 26, 2015, 12:58 PM
Charlie Sallee,
Aug 30, 2014, 1:37 PM